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PrecipiceLuke Jackson
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I am Luke Jackson - a UK-based music composer for film, TV, videogames and other forms of visual media. My musical journey, both through education and my years working professionally within the music and film industry, has allowed me to become quite adept at using my musical skillset to support and compliment visual narratives. I have written music for a variety of short films, advertisements and TV programming, and had music featured on a number of worldwide television networks and streaming services such as Netflix, BBC, CBS, Channel 4, and RTL among others.

I have a strong passion for film, videogames and other forms of visual media. By working as a visual media composer, I am able to combine my passion for music with my love of film and other media into a practice that I thoroughly enjoy. I believe I can tailor my sound palette to suite a range of narrative styles and genres, providing music for your project that will both compliment and enhance the storytelling and visuals. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your project!

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